VADAM Consulting LLC

VADAM was started by two home inspectors who realized that some BIG companies were taking advantage of consumers by charging them outrageously high prices for work they subcontract out. Then paying those subcontractors that did the work outrageously low wages. These installers have trouble acquiring business on their own which leaves them vulnerable to exploitation.

Our Mission: To empower minority business owners to grow their business and wealth


Sales Development

Marketing Development

Business Planning

Business Development

You specialize in building homes, we specialize in growing your business.

– VADAM Consulting

A long history of sales, marketing, and business development.

With over 10 years of marketing experience, 20 years in sales, and over 20 years of business ownership, VADAM consulting is the company to help you grow your construction business.

“My firm had been holding steady at about 30 to 50 projects per year when we signed on with VADAM. Today, we are pushing 90 projects per year and growing rapidly.”

– Manuel , Contractor

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